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Recruiting Students for Early Intervention Certificate, 2017-18

The Special Education program has received federal funding to support 6 graduate students to complete a one-year, full-time training for the Early Intervention Certificate, with full tuition scholarship and stipend. At the end of successfully-completed training, students will have the competencies required for a Developmental Specialist position to serve families of infants and toddlers with disabilities in home and community settings.

See more information, including the link to a pre-application survey, plan of study, and student testimonials on our website: http://www.kent.edu/ehhs/ldes/sped/early-intervention-certificate

Tough Conversations: Making the Most of Difficult Situations

9:00 am - 10:30 am EST
online, OH

This facilitated webinar, presented by Dr. Robert Gallen, provides information and strategies for supporting families in difficult and challenging situations. This includes such challenges as mental health issues, addiction, homelessness, and coping with a child's diagnosis. The webinar is designed to help EI service providers and service coordinators increase their confidence and competence in communicating with families during these challenging and difficult conversations. Dr. Gallen is a Licensed Psychologist and Psychology Professor with twenty years experience in the field of Early Intervention.

More Information: Website | Email

Training Handbook

Training Handbook

The handbook lists state-sponsored Early Intervention (EI) trainings for the current State Fiscal Year and contains helpful resources for EI personnel. It also provides education and credentialing requirements for Service Coordinators, Service Coordinator Supervisors, and Contract Managers, and certification information for Developmental Specialists.

Ohio Train


OhioTRAIN is a Learning Management System designed to aid in professional development for professionals in public health fields. It allows users to search and register for courses and to track their learning. Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) posts many of its required and optional state-sponsored courses on OhioTRAIN. Please see the Training Handbook for instructions on how to create a profile and register for courses.

OCCRA link

The Ohio Child Care Resource & Referral Association (OCCRRA)

OCCRRA provides statewide coordination of professional development services for early care learning and afterschool programs and professionals. The Ohio Professional Registry (OPR), operated through OCCRRA, is a centralized information system for early childhood and afterschool professionals. Early learning professionals can register in the OPR and maintain their experience, education, credentials and training, as well as register for Ohio-approved workshops and training offerings. Service Coordinators in Ohio are credentialed through the Ohio Professional Registry.

Free training available: Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns.

Have you ever had a concern about the development of a child in your care? Too many young children with developmental delays or disabilities miss the opportunity to benefit from early intervention services that can help them reach their full potential. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a FREE, 1-hour online continuing education course, Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns, to provide early care and education providers tools and best practices for them to work with families to monitor every young child’s development and help children with developmental delays get the early support they need.

Early Intervention Resources for Providers and Families

Early Intervention Resources for Providers and Families

This PDF contains resources that were submitted by participants in DODD's Family-Centered Practices webinar, presented by Debbie Ashley, M.Ed. in February 2017. Participants were asked to submit resources related to topics covered in the webinar. The resources cover a broad range of topics for early intervention staff and families such as: mental health, early learning, adult learning styles, child welfare, and parents with intellectual disabilities.

What to Expect During an Early Intervention Visit: handout 

This document, What to Expect During an Early Intervention Visit is a one-page handout related to coaching in Early Intervention.  It explains each element of an early intervention visit and gives a link to the Evidence-Based Early Intervention introductory video.  The handout is designed to give families information about the early intervention process and their role in the process

Other State Training Resources

Community of Practice

Supporting Ohio's New Service Coordinators:

This community of practice was developed to support new Service Coordinators as they learn to implement the principles and practices of Service Coordination in Early Intervention. It includes Service Coordinators who attended DODD's Principles of Service Coordination training between May and October 2016.

Please see the list of topics and associated materials developed through this Community of Practice.

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