Trumbull County

Annual Report and Determination

This section contains compliance and performance data for the county’s Early Intervention Program. Select the link below to view PDF versions of the county-level APR and Determinations Reports.

Trumbull County SFY18 APR & Determination Report
Trumbull County SFY17 APR & Determination Report
Trumbull County SFY16 APR & Determination Report

Family Questionnaire County Data Report

This section contains the results of a survey completed by families served in Early Intervention about their experiences in the county's program. These data expand upon items required to be reported in the APR regarding family outcomes in EI. Select the links below to access these reports in a PDF format.

Trumbull 2018 Family Questionnaire Report
Trumbull 2017 Family Questionnaire Report
Trumbull 2016 Family Questionnaire Report
Trumbull 2015 Family Questionnaire Report

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