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Here you will find information about Ohio's EI monitoring process, including current schedules and processes for ongoing compliance analyses. A verification checklist is also available to help you self-monitor processes within your county.

Baseline Analysis Process
A description of EI compliance monitoring, Ohio’s cyclical monitoring process, the baseline analysis schedule, baseline analysis results, and the process for correcting findings of noncompliance.

SFY24 Baseline Schedule
Ohio uses a rotating monitoring schedule that ensures each county program is included in one of three analyses (45‐Day, TRS, or Transition) each state fiscal year. This calendar lays out tentative timelines for the activities associated with the rotating monitoring schedule.

Verification Compliance Checklist
DODD staff developed this tool to explain the review criteria for documents that are submitted for verification and provide an overview of necessary documentation for each compliance indicator.

Related Requirements
This document outlines for each APR indicator the many requirements in the Part C federal regulations that go beyond just timelines and address the quality of the early intervention process.