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Credentials and Certifications

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Early Intervention Service Coordinators, Early Intervention Service Coordination Supervisors, and Developmental Specialists are credentialed or certified through the Department of Developmental Disabilities. Learn more about obtaining an EI certification or credential in Ohio.

Developmental Specialists

Developmental Specialists are certified through Provider Certification at DODD and must meet education and training requirements specified in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123-10-05. Click here to learn more. For additional information, please contact DODD Provider Certification Unit:

Early Intervention Service Coordinators and Early Intervention Service Coordination Supervisors

Early Intervention Service Coordinators in Ohio are credentialed through the Ohio Professional Registry (OPR), which is maintained by OCCRRA (the Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association). Click here to learn more. Questions may be directed to OCCRRA: