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Ohio Early Intervention

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Data and Monitoring Resources

Early Intervention Program Data Summary Reports (EI referrals, children served, IFSP services, and program exits)

SFY20 Report

SFY19 Report

SFY18 Report

SFY17 Report

SFY16 Report

Early Intervention Point-in-Time Child Counts

Total number of children served (i.e., children with an active IFSP) on the specified count date.

Early Intervention Referrals

Total number of children referred to EI in a given month. If a child was referred multiple times in one month they were only counted once.

Note: SFY20 numbers are preliminary and will be finalized at the end of the fiscal year. Preliminary months are denoted with an asterisk within the data file.

Early Intervention Cumulative Counts

Total number of children served in EI at any point during the specified time range.

EI Exit Reason Definitions

A list of exit reasons along with a definition of each reason

EI NCR Examples

A list of noncompliance reasons along with examples of when each can be used.

Ohio EI Baseline Analysis Process

A description of compliance monitoring, Ohio’s cyclical monitoring process, the baseline analysis schedule, baseline analysis results, and the process for correcting findings of noncompliance.

Data and Monitoring Q&A

The EI Data and Monitoring team has received many questions over the past year about data, monitoring, documentation, and other topics. Many of these questions came up during the Data and Monitoring "Road Show" trainings during late 2016. These questions, along with answers to each, are provided in this document.