UPDATE 5/1/18: Below follows the SFY19 service coordination grant agreement and accompanying documents. You can learn more about the addenda and exhibits in Section 3 of the grant agreement.

SFY19 Service Coordination Grant Memo - March 20, 2018

Early Intervention Service Coordination Grant Agreement July 2018 - June 2019

Addendum A: Award Information and Allocation Table

Addendum B: Administrative Agent Fiscal Contact Information

Addendum C: Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Information

Exhibit A: Allowable Costs & EIGS

Exhibit B: Modified Total Direct Cost Worksheet

Exhibit C: Program Narrative/Budget Summary Instructions

Exhibit D: Fixed Asset Schedule

Exhibit E: Early Intervention Data System (EIDS)

Personnel Listing 

SFY18 Local EI Outreach Materials

UPDATE 6/15/18: SFY19 local EI outreach materials have been posted to the EI website under the Central Intake and Outreach section.

Local EI Outreach Funding Overview

SFY18 Local EI Outreach Allocation Table

Local EI Outreach Funding Report Template

Grant Agreement Webinar

SFY19 Grant Agreement Webinar

Training Videos

EIGS Budget

Accessing and Navigating an Expense Report

Entering Contracts Data in an Expense Report

Entering Personnel Data in an Expense Report

Entering Equipment Data in an Expense Report

Entering Other Direct Costs Data in an Expense Report

Entering Indirect Costs Data in an Expense Report

Entering Offsets Data in an Expense Report

Finishing an Expense Report and Common Errors

Reviewing and Submitting an Expense Report