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Federal Reporting and Postings

This page includes the most recent reports and other materials submitted to the United States Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). If you cannot find a historic document, please contact us at

Federal Application for Part C

DODD must apply to OSEP each April to receive Part C federal funds. DODD must post its application for at least 60 days prior to submitting it to OSEP. The most recent Federal Fiscal Year application is available by clicking on the link below.

FFY23 Part C Application, posted March 21, 2023

Annual Performance Report (APR) and State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP)

DODD reports each February to OSEP on various compliance and performance indicators. OSEP uses this information to give the state a determination in July or August. DODD reports its progress on the state's State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) each April.

FFY21 Annual Performance Report
FFY21 APR, posted February 1, 2023
FFY21 State Systemic Improvement Plan
FFY21 SSIP Summary
FFY21 SSIP Appendices

FFY20 Annual Performance Report
FFY20 APR, re-submitted with clarifications April 25, 2022.
FFY20 State Systemic Improvement Plan
FFY20 SSIP Theory of Action
FFY20 SSIP Evaluation Plan
FFY20 SSIP Summary

FFY19 Annual Performance Report
FFY19 APR, resubmitted with clarifications April 26, 2021
Phase III, Year 5 SSIP, submitted March 31, 2021
Phase III, Year 5 Summary

FFY18 Annual Performance Report
FFY18 APR, resubmitted with clarifications April 27, 2020
Phase III, Year 4 SSIP, submitted March 30, 2020
Phase III, Year 4 Summary

FFY17 Annual Performance Report
FFY17 APR, submitted January 29, 2019
Phase III, Year 3 SSIP, submitted March 29, 2019
Phase III, Year 3 SSIP Appendix A
Phase III, Year 3 Summary

FFY16 Annual Performance Report

FFY16 APR, submitted January 30, 2018
Phase III, Year 2 SSIP, submitted March 23, 2018
Phase III, Year 2 Summary

FFY15 Annual Performance Report

FFY15 APR, originally submitted January 30, 2017 and submitted with clarifications May 1, 2017
Phase III, Year 1 SSIP
Phase III, Year 1 SSIP Appendices
Phase III, Year 1 Summary

FFY14 Annual Performance Report

FFY14 APR, as submitted January 29, 2016
Phase II SSIP Appendices
Phase II SSIP Summary

FFY13 Annual Performance Report

FFY13 APR, as submitted January 29, 2015
Phase I SSIP
Phase I SSIP Appendices
Phase I SSIP Summary