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Ohio Early Intervention

Helping children and families wherever they choose to live, play, and spend their day.

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Local, State, and National Resources

Please visit the County Contacts Map to view the contact information for the Program Consultant in your county.

At-A-Glance: Resource Based Practices

This learning aid, developed by Drs. M’Lisa Shelden and Dathan Rush, provides guidance on building the family’s capacity in identifying, selecting, accessing and evaluating resources.

Developmental Screening Tools

PEACH Nutrition Screening

Vision: Taking A Look

Vision: Taking A Look - Instructions

Hearing Status Questionnaire

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) developmental surveillance recommendations, tips, and resources available to pediatricians, clinicians, and families

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Abuse and Neglect

On Feb 5, 2019, Alisa Muncy and Julie Weidle from Butler County Children Services presented a facilitated webinar onthe Mandated Reporter laws and procedures in Ohio. 

Click here to view the Power Point slides from their presentation.

Ohio Resources

Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Check out these links for resources and information about mental health and addiction services.

Ohio Department of Health
Check out these links for resources and information about ODH's voluntary family support program for pregnant women or new parents.