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Local, State, and National Resources

Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Resources

Ohio Guidance Documents and Resources

*Child Outcomes Summary Webinar January 2021

Decision Tree for Child Outcomes Summary Statement Process

Decision Tree for Child Outcomes Summary Statement Process (Spanish)

*COS Cheat Sheet

 COS Parent Participation Letter
This letter can be used by the Service Coordinator to introduce families to the COS process and explain the importance of information from parents and other caregivers in determining the child's functioning in the three outcome areas.

Introducing the Child Outcomes Summary Process
This document includes talking points for explaining the COS process to families and engaging them in conversations about the child's functioning.

Program Guide to Monitoring the Child Outcome Summary Process
This document explains the background and rationale behind collecting child outcomes data and discusses how to analyze and interpret the data.

ECTA Center COS Resources

This resource list was developed to provide a brief overview of some of the resources available on the ECTA Outcomes webpage ( that can support local, regional or state training and technical assistance on child outcomes.

*COS Quick Reference Guide
Snapshots of the COS process, including characteristics of child outcomes and functional skills, the breadth and depth of each outcome area, key features of COS ratings, and criteria related to the 7-point scale

Breadth of the Three Child Outcomes
The three child outcomes, measured by early intervention and early childhood special education systems, encompass functional skills and behaviors that are meaningful for a child's participation in everyday routines. They cut across developmental domains to represent the integrated nature of how children develop, learn, and thrive. The breadth of these outcomes provides a framework for describing and consistently measuring children's functional skills and behaviors across settings and situations.

Child Outcomes Summary Team Collaboration (COS-TC) Quality Practices
The Child Outcomes Summary Team Collaboration (COS-TC) Quality Practices Checklist and Descriptions is designed to assist states and programs in improving COS team collaboration. Built around a set of quality practices, the checklist is a mechanism for those who implement, supervise, or train on the COS process to identify, observe, and assess recommended team collaboration practices in COS implementation. It underscores ways to actively engage families as critical members in the COS process. This resource also provides a description of each of the quality practices and two examples of ways to introduce the different COS discussion points with team members

Other State Resources

There are many resources available to assist you in the Child Outcomes Summary process. Here are some links to several COS resources from other states.