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Credentials and Certifications

Developmental Specialists

Ohio developmental specialists are professionals trained to provide special instruction as part of an individualized family service plan team. They are certified through Provider Certification at DODD and must meet education and training requirements specified in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5123-10-05. For additional information, please contact DODD Provider Certification Unit:


Training on the certification rule: Obtaining and Maintaining Early Intervention Developmental Specialist Certification: Rule 5123-10-5 Explained

Developmental Specialist certification At-A-Glance

DS certification flow chart (web)

Developmental Specialist One (1) Year Certification Application (initial and renewal)

Developmental Specialist Five (5) Year Certification Application (initial and renewal)

Application for DODD Continuing Professional Development Units

Developmental Specialist CPDU Checklist

Rights of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
This brief training, or the equivalent through the employing agency, may be taken to meet the annual training requirement for developmental specialists.

Coursework/Seminar requirements

If an applicant is missing coursework in any area, they may choose to take a department approved seminar, or an approved college course (totaling at least 30 hours). Please refer to the checklist for details

Approved Seminars

To find the DODD-approved seminars for developmental specialists, please see the associated tile on the Trainings page