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Ohio Early Intervention

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Developmental Specialists

Developmental Specialists and Early Intervention Supervisors

To become eligible for EI developmental specialist certification, one must earn a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. For additional requirements, please review:

Early Intervention services certification standards

If any applicant is missing coursework in any area, he or she can choose to take a department approved seminar, or an approved college course (totaling at least 30 hours). Please refer to the checklist for details.

Developmental Specialists and Early Intervention Supervisors are certified through Provider Certification at DODD and must meet education and training requirements specified in Early Intervention services certification standards. Below are the links to the Certification Application form, Application Addendum, Application for Training Approval, and Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU) Checklist. For additional information, please contact Provider Certification:

County Board Certification Application

County Board Certification Application Addendum

Application for Training Approval

Developmental Specialist CPDU Checklist

Approved Seminars

To find DODD-approved seminars for Developmental Specialists, please see the Trainings page under Providers - Professional Development and Trainings.  Under Continuing Education Options, click the box for DODD Developmental Specialist Seminar/Course and then click Submit to view a list of seminars.