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Ohio Early Intervention

Helping children and families wherever they choose to live, play, and spend their day.

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The Ohio Early Intervention Trainings filter allows you to find trainings that meet your needs. There are multiple search options. You can search by CEU, topic, format, or skill level (or any combination) by clicking the applicable box(es) next to the items(s) and then, clicking Submit to view the results available.

You can also filter results by a specific date range by entering start and end dates in the Filter by Date boxes and then clicking Submit.

To narrow your search, you can combine a date search with other search items, (e.g. foundational trainings from 2019-04-01 to 2019-05-31).

To view the entire list of trainings in the system, click the "Show All" button. The results are separated between trainings held on specific dates and ongoing online trainings that are always available.

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