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Routines-Based Interview (RBI)

Event Description

This training provides instruction on administering the RBI tool for child and family assessment.  It offers guidance on interviewing techniques and eco-mapping and provides participants with practice using both eco-mapping and the RBI tool.

This will be a three-part webinar series, and you must complete all three parts to be trained on the RBI. There is an optional Part four that involves completing an RBI, Ecomap and IFSP and submitting to the instructor, then attending a one-hour follow-up session. 1.5 hours of CPDUs will be provided for completing all the requirements of Part four.

Topic Area: Assessment


Part 110/20/211-2:30 PM
Part 210/27/211-2:30 PM
Part 311/3/211-2:30 PM
Part 411/10/212:30–3:30 PM
Part 411/17/2110–11 AM
Part 411/17/211-2 PM


Part 11/11/229 –10:30 AM
Part 21/18/229-10:30 AM
Part 31/25/229-10:30 AM
Part 42/8/229-10 AM
Part 42/8/221-2 PM
Part 42/15/229-10 AM
Part 42/15/221-2 PM


Part 15/9/221-2:30 PM
Part 25/16/221-2:30 PM
Part 35/23/221-2:30 PM
Part 46/13/229-10 AM
Part 46/13/2211:30 AM-12:30 PM
Part 46/20/229-10 AM

Instructor: Debbie Ashley, MEd

Contact Hours: 5.0

Formats: Facilitated Webinar

Skill Level: Implementation

Topics: Screening, Evaluation, and Assessment

Continuing Education Options: DODD Developmental Specialist, DODD Service Coordination and Supervisors of SC., Ohio Infant Family Practitioner Level II, Ohio Infant Mental Health Practitioner Level III