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Ohio Early Intervention

Helping children and families wherever they choose to live, play, and spend their day.

System of Payments

For Service Coordinators

Determining the Parent’s Inability to Pay Flow Chart
This flow chart shows the steps service coordinators must take in order to determine if a parent is unable to pay for EI services.

Extraordinary Medical Expenses Explanation
This document explains what extraordinary medical expenses are under the SOP rule and how they might apply to a family.

Extraordinary Medical Expenses Income Worksheet
This tool helps service coordinators calculate a family’s anticipated extraordinary medical expenses.

Federal Poverty Level for EME

Ohio Healthy Start Eligibility
This document lays out the Ohio Healthy Start eligibility family income eligibility criteria.

**POLR Provider List - Updated October 2023 - New**

SOP Form and Form Submission Chart
This document lays out in decision tree format the activities service coordinators may engage in as part of the system of payments process.

System of Payments Parent Brochure
This brochure lays out Ohio’s system of payments for EI services and must be explained and given to families in EI.

SOP forms can be accessed in the EI program forms tile.