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Ohio Early Intervention

Helping children and families wherever they choose to live, play, and spend their day.

System of Payments

For Prospective EI Service Providers

Provider Overview
This document outlines what potential EI providers must do in order to become an EI service provider under contract with DODD.

Early Intervention Services
This document lists all of the EI services with the federal definitions. For the purposes of Early Intervention, the federal definitions may differ in some ways from providers’ understanding.

Provider Contract Process
This document lays out the steps potential EI providers must take to register as a vendor prior to entering into a contract with DODD to provide EI services.

Provider Enrollment Form
This form must be completed in order for DODD to add an EI provider to the DODD EI billing system.

Provider Contract
This is the contract that all EI providers must enter into in order to be reimbursed for EI services by DODD.

Provider Claims Submission
This document details how contracted EI providers can submit claims to DODD for reimbursement.

Early Intervention Billing Codes

Please note that not all codes in a particular class are appropriate for EI billing. The IFSP will always guide which services are eligible for reimbursement.

Brown Bag Discussions

2/24/21 - Provider Brown Bag Discussion: Prior Written Notice

6/8/21 - Provider Brown Bag Discussion: Early Intervention Documentation Training